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The latest European Union Commission funding programmes have built up a significant momentum for the deployment of e-Infrastructures. Today there is a need to assess clearly the pros and cons of recent investments and to address more effectively the next ones.

The mission of the ERINA+ project is to assess the socio-economic impact of e-Infrastructures and develop an assessment methodology for e-Infrastructures projects to self-evaluate their own impact.

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Thursday, 17 October 2013 08:14
On 17th October ERINA+ will be presented at the EvaRIO conference . The ERINA+ methodology will be compared to the EVARIO approach used to evaluate the impact of Research Infrastructures.

Despite eInfrastructures are fully part of the context of Research Infrastructures, there are specificities that were captured during our work in ERINA+. Andrea Manieri, former ERINA+ project director, will present the Lessons Learned, the Tools and future steps.

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The ERINA+ project ended in January 2013 and held its final workshop on March 6th in Brussels, just before the 10th eConcertation meeting. The projects’ findings and results were presented to a diversified audience: 10 project representatives that performed the impact assessment exercise, 6 projects representatives that collaborated with ERINA+ and 7 new comers, mainly from call 9 projects. The ERINA+ team was very pleased to have the EC representative, Zajzon Laszlo Bodo, attending as well, whose valuable comments were crucial to the discussion that took place in regards to the EC interest in assessing e-Infrastructures and possible future scenarios.

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Monday, 11 March 2013 10:02

Now at the end of the project lifetime, the ERINA+ team would like to share the lessons learned and results that have been derived from the application of ERINA+ assessment methodology to a set of collaborating e-Infrastructures projects. These projects’ impact was evaluated on the basis of the two ‘concepts’, being efficiency and effectiveness.

The first, efficiency, is measured through the Economic Net Present Value of the benefits generated by the technological advances brought by the project to the Users and through the ration between costs and benefits for the users.

The second, effectiveness, is the capability of producing an effect in terms of: competitiveness and excellence of research, innovativeness and transfer outside the domain and cohesion.

Both dimensions have been analyzed in quantitative and qualitative way, the latter thanks to stakeholder perception analysis. The data analysed was collected through the following online tools and, of all the collaborating projects, 20 projects used the Projects Self-Assessment Webtool: 


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On March 6th 2013 ERINA+ will hold its Final Workshop on the project’s findings and results in Brussels, linked to the 10th eConcertation meeting (6th and 7th March 2013).

After the offered welcome coffee (from 10:00 to 10:30 am), the Workshop will be from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, after which a lunch buffet will be offered, while waiting for the eConcertation meeting to start (13:30 pm).

This will be an opportunity to present the ERINA+ Methodology for impact assessment of e-Infrastructure Projects and ERINA+ assessment tools (for the new comers), as well as the lessons learned, achievements and ERINA+ recommendations.

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To all who are interested and who will participate in the ERINA+ Final Workshop – 6th March 2013, from 10.30 to 12.30, @The Hotel, Brussels –, please read details about the logistics and the full programme, by downloading the Agenda.

The ERINA+ team is looking forward to see you in Brussels!

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The ERINA+ team has created a new instrument to support users in the compilation of the self-assessment Webtool as well as the other online assessment tools of the Platform.

The HowToGuide, always accessible, explain step by step the meaning of the questions and the usage of each field of the tools, in addition to the on-line explanations already present in the Project self-assessment Webtool, the Users Data Gathering Interface and the EU Data Visualization Platform.

The HowToGuide is highlighted in the center of the ERINA+ Platform splash page and is available at this link.


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