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StratusLab project (Enhancing Grid Infrastructures with Virtualization and Cloud Technologies) intends to simplify and optimize the use of existing distributed computing infrastructures (like EGI) through the service provisioning, the networking and the research of cloud and virtualization technologies.

This is going to be done by the StratusLab Toolkit, an open source cloud distribution, which incorporates cloud and virtualization innovation into existing grid infrastructures - by integrating cloud technologies and services within grid sites – and enriches existing computing infrastructures with “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) cloud-like delivery paradigms. The Toolkit complements existing grid middleware services: the aim is for the cloud layer to be fully transparent to layers above.

The out coming benefits of the project to the e-Infrastructure ecosystem, will be in terms of simplification, added flexibility, increased maintainability, quality, energy efficiency and resilience of the sites. StratusLab will help to improve the usability of distributed computing infrastructures, to attract scientific user communities, to appeal equally to industrial users, to keep European research infrastructures at the technological forefront, and to strengthen the knowhow in virtualization and cloud computing of European industry.

For first, StratusLab will integrate and distribute a sustainable open-source cloud distribution – the Toolkit - to bring cloud to existing and new grid sites (it will include the required additions to turn the software elements into a production grade distribution).
In the first phase, the project focuses on cloud computing for resource provisioning in grid sites, with the development and integration of the initial StratusLab cloud platform, incorporating the components required for the virtualization of grid sites.
In the second phase the emphasis will be on developing new cloud-like delivery paradigms in grid sites, including new IaaS cloud interfaces and support for creation of new virtual appliances, which will be stored in a repository.

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